Sunday, June 3, 2007

San Francisco Landmarks #6 - Frank Chu

Frank Chu during a SF Giants game. Click on the image to zoom in:

Frank Chu is a San Francisco staple, and one of the City's most famous protestors.

Here's a hilarious picture of Frank Chu with a practicing Frank Chu from Flickr:

From Wikipedia:

His street protests against US Presidents, corporations, and a distinctive concept he calls the '12 Galaxies' have been held in San Francisco and nearby locales since at least 1995... [He] protests daily, or nearly daily, typically walking throughout the daytime hours in downtown San Francisco...
The 12 Galaxies bar in San Francisco is named in honor of Chu’s cause. Its bartenders have standing orders to give Chu free Budweiser whenever he drops by. [He won the] 2000 "Best Protestor" [award in the] San Francisco Bay Guardian "Best Of The Bay".

(via Laughing Squid)

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