Saturday, June 2, 2007

New York - ET phoning home?

Very strange. Click on the image to zoom in:

(via engadget)

Street View in the news - "Google Street View Makes U.S. Govt. Uneasy"

It's a catchy title, but the article actually suggests nothing of the sort. From the article:

Street View is currently available for San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver and plans for the nation's capital are in the works. "We will be adding Street View imagery for new cities, including Washington D.C., on an ongoing basis," Chau said.

New York - Times Square!

Click on the image to zoom in:

San Francisco - Break-in or forgotten keys?

Click on the image to zoom in:

(via Wired)

San Francisco - More of the Google Van

The Google Van in action. Click on the image to zoom in:

The Van speeding:

(via Wired)

Castro Valley - The Google Street View Van

This is the van that drove around taking the photos for Street View. Click on the image to zoom in:

(via Wired)

Boing Boing has more information on one of the vehicles that was used to create Street View. People speculate that the van in the image was used to capture the San Francisco Bay Area, which has very detailed photos, and that the vehicle in the Boing Boing article was used for the other cities, which don't have as detailed pictures.

(Currently Street Views works for the San Francisco area, Las Vegas, Denver, New York, and Miami.)

Mountain View - Google Maps Employees

Google's employees who helped create Street View posed for a picture when the picture-taking van drove by. Here we are approaching the crowd. Click on the image to zoom in:

That picture displays the strange pink mist that appears on some of the Street View photos. (I'll be posting more of the pink mist soon...)

And here's the crowd up close.

(via Wired)

Stanford - Sunbathing girls

Of course, what use would Street View if you couldn't play voyeur? Click on the image to zoom in:

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San Francisco People - Taking out the trash

You may have noticed the guy taking out the trash in the previous post. Here's a closer look. Click on the image to zoom in:

Via Boing Boing: Google Maps is spying on my cat, says freaked out BB reader.

San Francisco Landmarks #5 - A Painted Lady

One of San Francisco's famed Painted Ladies. Click on the image to zoom in:

From Wikipedia:

Painted ladies is the collective American vernacular term to describe Victorian houses which are usually painted in a multi-colored scheme, especially in... the greater San Francisco and New Orleans areas, and the city of Cape May, New Jersey.